You would never believe this band started as a Dropbox folder. What today is began as an online exchange between Daniel, Marco and Roland with the intention of taking ideas and fragments Daniel had dug up and turning them into songs. The vision was clear: their music was to be sophisticated yet approachable. This cyber gathering sparked a creative cascade yielding 20 fully arranged tracks in only six months; yet it wasn’t until the guys went to record them in the studio that they banded together as – meanwhile also completed by Simon and Siro.

On each of the guys’ journey to everybody had to confront his very own fate. And although their paths hadn’t crossed before, the threads of their lives turned out to be wound around the same pillars. There’s a deep connection between the members of that pushes through every second of their music and live presence. It’s as though everybody was audible in every sound at any instant. This machine is clearly driven by five engines that tell its story simultaneously from five vantage points.’s songs are jagged and pointy as shards of hardened steel, at times they can be heavy and agitated like boiling machine oil, they are tempestuous and obscuring like a drop of ink into clear water.

After their highly acclaimed debut album „Reviver“ (2012) with which they toured numerous festival and venues across Switzerland and Germany, will now release their second record in September 2015. are:
Roland Häusler: Vocals, Guitars
Marco Neeser: Keys, Programming
Daniel Manhart: Bass, backing Vocals
Simon Oestrup: Guitars, backing Vocals
Siro Müller: Drums